iphone 15 Launch Date, 15Pro Max Release Date, Price, Features, Specs

The most used phone brand Apple iPhone is all set to release the new series of the smartphone. All the tech geeks are waiting for the iPhone 15 Release. The iPhone 15 Launch Date has yet not been announced but seeing the past history of the launch of Apple iPhones, it can be said that iPhone 15 Launch will be by September 2023. The Apple company has stated that iPhone 15, 15 Pro, 15 Max and 15 Ultra will be the series under the 15th Series of all new iPhone 15.

Major changes will be seen in iPhone 15 Features which will be helpful for you. Here you will find the complete list of Apple 15 Pro Price, iPhone 15 Release Date and the iPhone 15 Rumors which have been spreading all over. The cost of the new iPhone 15 is expected to be more than USD 1000. Going through this post, you will find all the relevant information regarding the latest phone launch.

iPhone 15 Launch Date

The all new series of Apple iPhone will make its launch soon in the emerging technological market. The latest series of the iPhone after the launch of the 14th series is the iPhone 15 which is expected to be launched during September 2023 just like the release of other series of Apple iPhone. People have been asking about the iPhone 15 Launch Date so here in this post we have provided all the details regarding the to be released iPhone 15.

Apple hosts the annual event to make the launch of the latest series of their Apple Phones. The users will be able to see many features being changed in the new series of the Apple iPhone 15 which will be shown in the annual event of Apple which is likely to be hosted in September 2023. A huge difference can be speculated in the price of iPhone 14 and 15. As per the latest rumors it can be said that Apple iPhone 15 will come with Type C cable charging port that will be compatible with only the Apple wires to charge the phones.

iPhone 15 15 Pro 15 Pro Max Release Date

Apple every year hosts the annual event in September where they launch the new phones or the latest series. The iPhone 15 Release Date has yet not been officially declared but it can likely be said to be released in September 2023. From the table below you can collect the latest news on the iPhone 15 15 Pro 15 Pro Max Release Date and its price.

Product Name iPhone 
Series 15
Company Apple 
Manufacturer USA and China 
iPhone 15 Release Date Expected by September 2023
Versions 15, 15 Pro, 15 Max, 15 Ultra
Price $1000 above 
Features Mentioned Below 
Body Material Titanium
Camera 12 MP 
Internal RAM 8 GB
Storage 128, 256, 512 GB
Cable Port Type C
Post Type News
Official Website apple.com
iPhone 15 Release Date

iPhone 15 Features

  • The major change in the iPhone 15 Features that the users will experience is the Type C USB cable port which was not seen in any of the Apple iPhone models.
  • The iPhone 15 will come with a large battery size making the phone’s battery to last longer.
  • The internal storage will be of 8 GB and the phone will come in storage varying from 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.
  • iPhone 15 will have a titanium body having the screen size starting from 6.1 mm.
  • iPhone 15 and its variants will have a high MP camera for better photo quality.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will have A17 Bionic Chip Fitted inside it.
  • The iPhone 15 will get the curved edges on all the sides and will be button free.

iPhone 15 Variants Price

To know about the iPhone 15 Variants Price refer to the table below.

Phone Variant 128 GB Price256 GB Price 512 GB Price 1TB Price 
iPhone 151000 USD1049 USD1200 USD1399 USD
iPhone 15 Pro 1199 USD1249 USD1300 USD1499 USD
iPhone 15 Max 1299 USD1349 USD1400 USD1599 USD
iPhone 15 Ultra1500 USD1600 USD1650 USD1750 USD

iPhone 15 Rumors

As per the latest rumors of iPhone 15, all new features will be seen by the users with the enhanced technology. The iPhone 15 Rumors will see thinner Bezels and thicker camera bumps. Apple iPhone 15 will be the costliest phone for the Ultra version of the 15 variant. The major changes will be seen in the new series of iPhone 15 which will be out in September 2023. The major change will be the USB C Charging Cable which will be seen in the iPhone 15 Series only and will have the titanium body having different styles of camera bumps at the back. There will be solid state buttons which will be seen in the pro models that will come with the increased RAM capacity. The iPhone 15 models can expect the periscope style telephoto lens in it.

iPhone 15 Ultra

First time in history, Apple will launch the new version for the series 15 which is iPhone 15 Ultra. This series will have a triple camera with enhanced features and A17 Bionic Chip fitted in it. It will be the costliest phone of all the variants of iPhone 15. It will support the 5G network of all the connections. It will be available in storage of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.

FAQs On iPhone 15 Launch Date

When is the expected iPhone 15 Launch Date?

The expected iPhone 15 Release Date is by September 2023.

Which new variant in iPhone 15 will be launched?

The latest variant of iPhone 15 will be iPhone 15 Ultra.

What is the body material for iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 will be made available in a titanium body.

What is the expected base price for iPhone 15?

The expected base price of iPhone 15 can be 1000 USD for 256 GB.

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